Steve Porter

Just as notable writers of history have documented their insights and observations for the benefit of future generations, my images become a visual record of my personal experiences and perspective.

Photography is my obsession as a technical and artistic tool of expression.  My developed process of creation is carried out with great regard for the potential my photography has, as one of the true

universal languages, to influence or enhance the lives of people everywhere.  

Ultimately, while I may benefit monetarily at times as a professional, any talent I may possess is my stewardship, and comes with a great responsibility to create photography for the benefit of the planet, and the amazing and beautiful people I meet and photograph around the world.


My video projects include event coverage, business promotion, Life Legacy Film productions, children's education, music videos and documentary film work.  When working as a traveling documentary film crew member, I wear a variety of hats as I shift from still photographer to behind-the-scenes or B-camera operator to time lapse guy or drone operator.


I have enjoyed the opportunity to work in photography and/or video in more than 35 countries either with documentary film crews as mentioned above, or on my own projects.  See details on the recent projects page.


As a commercial pilot I have worked in aerial photography for some 30 years, logging more than 4000 hours while taking photos from Cessna aircraft throughout the US. My aerial work began in the 80's documenting traffic accident evidence for litigation and evolved to include fine art, construction progress, real estate and a lot of very technical geo-referenced mapping projects across the US. Learn more on my aerial page


My interested in motion controlled time lapse work began while working on a documentary film in Arizona and I have since become an expert in the field. Motion controlled time lapse (where the camera moves as photos are recorded) has become a very popular way to jazz up films in a variety of genres. Check out my time lapse photography reel on the video page .


The benefits of drones as a platform for low level aerial imagery was quickly recognized and has become a standard in my production method. As a COMMERCIALLY LICENSED drone pilot, I hire out as a drone operator and utilize drone based video and still photography on a regular basis in my own projects. Take a look at my drone reel on the video page.


My still photography encompasses projects covering many areas including architectural, urban, nature, editorial, documentary, special events, stage productions, HDR work and a wide variety of commercial and corporate assignments too lengthy to list.

Hilton Head Beach

Our Life Legacy Films preserve personal history, life experiences and cherished memories for generations to come.

 Childhood Memories  -  College Years  -  Marriage & Family  -  Lessons Learned

Success & Achievements  -  Work Ethic  -  Life Principles


Aerial Imagery

Video Production

Recent Projects

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