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Life Legacy Films

The Gift of a Lifetime

Share the story of your life with your children, your grandchildren and many generations to come. Great grandchildren are given the opportunity to experience your personality, passion for life, lessons learned and everything else that makes you who you are. Your Life Legacy Film becomes a great source of strength and inspiration to family members, friends and countless others, as they move through their own life struggles and adventures.

Continue sharing the greatest gift you have to give  ... your life!

Life Legacy Video Reel

The healing benefits for those that share!

Sharing your life story, has layers of wonderful benefits, both for you and those you love. Research shows that even brief autobiographical storytelling can have considerable impact on mental and physical health that can last for months. It is not just the telling, writing or recording, but knowing that others can be inspired by your experiences and life legacy. Some may claim they have nothing to offer or that their life was uninteresting, but for grandchildren, your life story is a window into history as you relate personal perspectives, life lessons and challenges.  You are an expert on your own life experiences, and you can bring strength and resilience to your loved ones by telling it.  Individuals who share find fulfillment, purpose, peace and hope.  You will be reminded of your rich heritage and the values you were taught and lived by.  Recording your life stories can preserve your family history and bring an increase of gratitude and regard to your posterity.

Experience the healing that can be yours, and provide inspiration for generations!

“The family movie of my parents is amazing!!! ... It is the best gift ever! My kids loved it and won’t stop watching it! I’m so glad my parents had the insight to get such a treasure for all of us.”  B. Ashcroft

"Liz and Steve Porter recently completed a life history video of my parents. They went above and beyond to get the stories, pictures and music to best depict the life of two wonderful people and their amazing journey together. They were very professional and patient. They have the expertise and experience in video and photography to create a wonderful life history to be handed down for generations to enjoy."  B. Stowell

Life Legacy Films

A Life Legacy Film portrays your life story ... like a documentary film, all about you. It all starts with video interviews as memories and fun stories are recalled. Our films are far more than videos of people telling stories about their life. We produce films that are captivating and watchable by including video clips complimentary to the story, such as schools and neighborhoods, family photos and home movies. We work to create films that are entertaining as well as informative and inspirational.

Interviews can be as simple as a single scheduled sitting – but will generally require a number of sessions to cover a person’s life history. Interviews are always preceded with a planning meeting to help organize thoughts and ideas on important life topics to consider for the film.

Supporting Interviews

In addition to subject individuals or couples, interviews of other family members or friends may be included. When subject individuals are no longer living, the film will typically be built around memories offered by surviving children, family members and close friends.

Location Interviews

Interviews conducted on location can also be beneficial to the telling of a history. These may take place at business locations, farm yards, civic buildings or any accessible location meaningful to the story’s portrayal.

Family Photos & Movies

Old movies and family photos play an important and necessary role in adding to the portrayal of a life history. Images or home movies are displayed during interview dialogue with names of people appearing in the imagery when that information is available.


B-roll is video footage that compliments the primary interview footage. When stories reference a structure or location such as towns, homes, offices, churches, etc., we include existing film or photography as provided or shoot our own photographs, video's or drone shots and aerials of those locations. Utilizing both historic and modern video of a home or building adds tremendously to a productions entertainment value.

Focus Vignettes

In our effort to produce creative films we like to include brief vignettes or short films that help to portray the character and personality of the people involved – as with this short sample, of the Bear family working at their family cabin, and preparing for their family reunion.

Slideshow Presentations

A slideshow presentation of cherished family photos is another option that can be included in your Life Legacy Film package. Slideshows include background music, motion effects and typically begin with the oldest photos and progress to the most modern. Including names, locations and other information adds greatly to the presentation’s historical value.

Life History Chapters

Chapters help structure topics to consider in the interviews and provide viewers easy access to the recorded history based upon subject matter. Chapters may include:

Early Family History - Childhood Memories - School Years - College Years - Dating & Courtship - Early Marriage - Raising a Family - Jobs & Business - Family Events - Civic Achievements - Politics & Patriotism - Military Service - Church Service - Life Lessons - Advice to Children & Posterity - Memories by Children - Memories from Family & Friends - Personal Testimony's

Menu Organization

Custom menus are created specific to the film project. Options may include simple static backgrounds or fancy motion videos and graphics with any number of selectable options. If a production includes chapters as most do, chapter selection page(s) allow selecting by topic rather than viewing the entire film from start to finish or the need to constantly fast-forward.

Product Delivery

Your completed Life Legacy Film is provided on BluRay disk, DVD or both. Individual video files can also be provided for use on personal computers and/or uploaded to  services such as YouTube or family websites.

        BluRay Disk – Our recommended delivery format. Currently, the highest quality product delivery method we offer that can be viewed on HD televisions or monitors. This option requires a BluRay disk player device – which units play either BluRay or conventional DVD disks.

         DVD – Films provided on DVD contain all of the same video product that would be included on the BluRay version but at a much reduced quality, i.e., the picture is not as pretty and sharp as BluRay video. (DVD resolution: 720x480 vs BluRay: 1920x1080.) This being said, Life Legacy Films provided on DVD look as good theoretically as any feature movie viewed on a conventional home DVD player.

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