Night Sky Photography Workshop - Steve Porter

Night Sky Photography Workshop

For intermediate and advanced photographers

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Old Windmill Tower

You will learn start-to-finish how to capture stunning stars photos 

While astro-photography involves some advanced techniques ... anyone with the right equipment and direction can handle it. The workshop is structured to teach any photographer how to capture stunning photographs of the stars from planning to shooting to processing.

Capturing the stars well is only part of the program, the best astro shots will feature the Milky Way stretched over an amazing landscape or captivating foreground subject. As an Arizona native, I have explored nearly every remote corner of the state and photographed it in one way or another. You can be confident we will be shooting fabulous scenes under the starlit skies of Arizona.    

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Learn from a pro to create stunning star shots! 

We will work together referencing light pollution charts, star maps, anticipated weather patterns and foreground subject matter to determine the optimal locations for our two nights of shooting under the stars. We will be covering many technical considerations for the best astro photography in order to get that amazing Milky Way shot we want - including image framing, exposure and lens settings, foreground lighting techniques, etc. You can look forward to going home with a number of stunning images that will impress and captivate all who see them!

After our first night of shooting the stars and again after the second night, we will work through the process of editing your images using a variety of techniques in both Lightroom and Photoshop where you will learn the methods I have spent countless hours to master as we bring out those stars and fine-tune the images to absolute perfection.

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Near the Mexican Border

Workshop Itinerary


          3:00 PM - Meet at Steve' s Mesa home studio for introductions.

                            Training on night photography and planning for the first night shoot.

                            Travel to first night shooting location. (Departure time will vary)

        10:00 PM - Begin night photography shooting on location.

        02:00 AM - End of on-location night shooting. (time may vary)


          2:00 PM - Meet in Mesa for training and discussions on image processing.

                            Plan for second night shoot.

                            Travel to second night shoot location. (Departure time will vary)

        10:00 PM - Begin night photography shooting on location.

        02:00 AM - End of on-location night shooting. (time may vary)


        10:00 AM - Meet in Mesa for continued training on image processing.

        12:00 PM - Discussions continue through lunch (provided).

        04:00 PM - End of workshop.

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Old Barn in Pinedale Arizona

Night Sky Photography Workshop Dates and Cost

Cost: $595

-- 8 participants maximum per workshop  --

Thurs - Sat, May 25, 26 & 27 - 2017   REGISTER for this workshop

Thurs - Sat, July 20, 21 & 22 - 2017   REGISTER for this workshop

Don't see dates that work for you?

Email me at with the dates you would like.

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What will you be taking home with you?

You will leave the workshop with some truly beautiful photos of the starlit sky in really cool places that you fully own because they are all you - you will shoot and edit them start to finish. In the process, you will be gaining an in depth knowledge of the tried and tested methods I have developed as a pro to create amazing astro shots that you can be very proud of!

Here are some of the many aspects of general landscape photography and star photography related topics we will be discussing in the workshop: 

- Planning and preparation for the most productive and successful photo shoots.

- Learning to use a variety of apps to understand star/Milky Way movement and using what you learn to plan your shoots.

- Photo equipment bag organization and general photo equipment considerations.

- Best ISO settings; what they are and what they mean to you in general and specifically, ISO parameters for astro shooting.

- Why shoot RAW and not JPG.

- Tips on how to identify potential image frame problems and benefits in star shots.

- Shutter  / aperture / ISO settings for the optimum night sky capture.

- Cameras, lenses and other equipment considerations in night sky photography.

- Identifying and working within the limitations of your particular brand of camera/lens and other equipment when shooting the stars.

- Shooting multiple exposures in order to create star trail images.

- Night sky shooting techniques that guarantee stars will be perfectly focused.

My workshops are uniquely tailored to the specific interests and needs as identified within of our specific group - so you will learn exactly what you need!  

Superstition Lightning Storm

The processing techniques you learn will change your photos forever!

Understanding how digital imagery works is key to mastering the image editing process whether day or night photography. I am a technical photo-geek, and have developed a workflow and system to my photography that guarantees your photography skills will improve when applied. You will pick up Lightroom and Photoshop tips and insights that will change how you edit images forever.

Here are is a summation of the many processing topics we will cover on image processing:

- Understanding how far to take your editing in Lightroom before exporting and finishing the process in Photoshop.

- How to make the most of the tools available in Lightroom so important to astro photography by learning how they work - including color temperature and tint adjustments, graduated filters, spot removal, the adjustment brush, clarity tool, etc, etc ... we will cover it all.

- How to using some of the basic photoshop tools including curves, hue/saturation, color balance, etc. on astro shots without messing things up.

- How to import multiple images into layers and merge them to create star trails.

- Manipulate, adjust and clean up your astro images using liquify and warp without causing problems.

- Learn to adjust and balance the color in your image between sky, highlights and shadows resulting in that over-edited look.

- We will cover the variety of tools available for creating and selecting only specific areas of your image to apply an effect to.

- Using the sharpen tool in conjunction with noise reduction together to enhance specific areas without going too far.

- How to make the most of the many amazing image manipulation tools available in Lightroom and Photoshop without overworking an image, night or daylight shots.

- Imbedded color profile considerations and final preparations for print or web presentation.

All this and much more discussions and topics evolve in our workshop group.

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Thurs - Sat, May 25, 26 & 27 - 2017   REGISTER for this workshop

Thurs - Sat, July 20, 21 & July 22 - 2017   REGISTER for this workshop